School Prom ~ Class of 2018

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Click on the number to open up a webpage, then click of a small photograph to open up a larger photograph.  If you hover over the large photograph, navigation buttons will appear at each side of the photo.

To download your free photos, click on the small photo so that it opens up the large photo.  Then click on click here to download in bottom left-hand corner, this will open up the large photo in another window. Then right mouse click on photo and from the dropdown menu, save the photo to your hard drive. 

If you would like a high resolution photograph that will reproduce a really nice glossy photograph, please email me the image number and I will email you the photograph.  Ian has suggested a nominal donation of 1 for each photograph, maximum of 5 if you want the whole set.

Thank you lads for posing for me, I know it's wasn't easy.  I really thought you all looked a million dollars.  I would like to wish you all the best in whatever you do in life, but foremost, enjoy.  Thank you.  Bryan